Notebook Entry

  • [x] Setup new computer and write a script that fully installs the system.
  • [x] Select a quote and start working with the consultant.
  • [x] Enable intranet/external workflow.
  • [x] Check on and order stuff from Newegg.
  • [x] Turn in Newegg reimbursement.
  • [x] Check on docking stations.
  • [x] Order Matlab DSP toolbox for Sandy.
  • [x] Check on the charger for the gyrobike.
  • [x] Bring in the make magazine with the microcontroller review
  • [x] Implement a proof-of-concept code generator
  • [x] Try simple Cython wrapping
  • [x] Install git on AWS server
  • [x] Book hotel for BMD
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