Notebook Entry

AIO for September 16, 2014

Last week's accomplishments

Objectives from last week

I spent 12.2 hours on the steer torque paper work instead of the 9.5 I projected.

I spent 3.6 hours on the bicycle data paper which was under the 4 I projected. I didn't do very complete jobs of these tasks though.

Planning took 5 hours instead of 4.5, but I also spent 3.4 hours giving the tutorial and following up with a recap.

This only took 0.6 hrs instead of 2.

I spent 1.8 hrs on writing, a bit over 1.

I spent 8.4 hours writing this code and instead of 5.

This took 1.5 hours instead of 1.

It looks like I spent 33.1 hours on an estimated 27.0 hours of work, so I underestimated by about 18% of the actual time. The more interesting thing is that I worked 14.7 more hours on things that were not on the objectives list. So I spent an extra 45% of the actual objectives time doing other stuff.

Other things I did

  • Github: 35 commits, 3 merged pull requests, 11 issues added.
  • [3.4 hours] Led a tutorial for ~30 students on collaborative software development and open source and wrote a recap at
  • Got myself into a bet with Dr. Rashidi about what makes a rattleback reverse.
  • Discussed Ton's and my idea about a direct collocation tool with Luke to see if he wants to come out to work on it.

My time graph for the past week


Last week's issues

  • [1 hour] Make a blog post explaining how I setup the Plone offsite backups. -- Ran out of time, will skip this unless I find myself with some time.
  • [0.5 hour] Make sure that the offsite backup can be restored. -- Ran out of time, will check this week.
  • [0.5 hour] Try to upload the davis instrumented bicycle h5 file (with raw and processed data) to Figshare. -- Done, ran our of time, will do this week.
  • [2 hours] Draft a plan/outline for a new research statement for prof applications. -- Too low on the priority list, will do this week.

This week's objectives

I'm taking off Friday and will in Louisville for the weekend, so I'm probably overestimating what I can do this week. The estimate is about ~23 hrs, so according to last week it will take me ~27 hrs to to the work and I'll spend 11 more hours doing other stuff, putting me at ~38 hrs of actual work time.

Lab Stuff

  • [0.5 hr] Make sure that the offsite backup can be restored.
  • [6 hr] Create a presentation for the lab seminar on the 17th.

Perturbed Walking Data Paper

  • [1 hr] Write draft of data processing software section.

Parameter Identification with Direct Collocation Paper

  • [1 hr] Add a section about how the direct collocation is implemented with a backward Euler integration assumption.

Parameter Identification with Direct Collocation Source Code

  • [2 hr] Add the ability to specify constants and arrays explicitly in ufuncify_matrix to avoid creating arrays of constants in the jacobian evaluation function.
  • [1 hr] Move the indice computation out of the jacobian evaluation computation.

Bicycle Data Paper

  • [1 hr] Finish raw data README.
  • [2 hr] Create calibration data README.
  • [0.5 hr] Try to upload the davis instrumented bicycle h5 file (with raw and processed data) to Figshare.

Bicycle Steer Torque Paper

  • [1 hr] Change R plots to a prettier ggplot2 version.
  • [1 hr] Improve the matplotlib plots to make them prettier.
  • [0.5 hr] Add in a good photo of the actual steer torque design to go along with the CAD model.
  • [0.5 hr] Figure out the best citation for Kageyama's design.

Yeadon Paper

  • [0.25 hr] Commit latest draft from the journal to Git.

Software Carpentry

  • [1 hr] Respond to Nick Hermez.
  • [1 hr] Decide on a date, confer with Ahmet, and let Software Carpentry know.
  • [0.5 hr] Make a list of tasks that need to be done so I can divvy them up.
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