Building energy efficiency journal club

Jonathan Woolley and Vinad Narayanan are hosting a building energy efficieny journal club next quarter.

Hi folks,

Vinod Narayanan and I are hosting a small graduate level journal review course for Winter quarter - it should be an interesting forum for discussion on a range of current issues surrounding energy efficiency in buildings.

Please share the attached syllabus as appropriate.

Namasté, Jonathan

Here is a flyer for the course.

TTP 289A-003, CRN #42059, 1 unit, letter graded
Friday 3:10-4:00 PM Winter 2016
West Village 115 Sage St STE 100 RM 1104 (WCEC) Dr. Vinod Narayanan and Jonathan Woolley


This graduate course is a broad scope review of recent literature and technology innovation surrounding energy efficiency in the built environment. Students will discuss one significant academic publication each week. Together the class will assemble an annotated review of related literature on each topic. The course is interdisciplinary, and students are encouraged to consider the implications of each energy efficiency concept from a variety of perspectives (eg: technical, economic, political, cultural).


May include: Zero net energy, ‘smart’ building controls, passive design strategies, energy use behavior, plug load management, natural ventilation, role of energy efficiency standards, human health and wellness in buildings. Students are encouraged to introduce their own topic of interest.

Each week

  • One student presents paper review and facilitates discussion
  • Each student reads one related paper
  • Group builds annotated bibliography on topic

Final Deliverable

  • Individual synthesis paper on one topic from the quarter