Where to go in the Netherlands

I lived in the Netherlands from August 2008 to August 2009 and many of my friends that have visited or moved there since then have asked for my recommendations on what to do and see. This post gives a rundown of what I thought was the most interesting things there. This is all circa 2008/9 so things may not exist anymore. I'll update this as I remember more.

I kept a bicycle themed blog back then that may mention some good spots to visit: http://moorebicycles.blogspot.com/.


  • De Pepper is a cool vegan restaurant in Overtoom 301 <http://www.ot301.nl>- (at art and community center)
  • Zaal 100 on De Wittenstraat: food and music
  • Cool urban farm with restaurant in Amsterdam: http://www.buurtboerderij.nl/
  • All kinds of bottled beers can be purchased at De Bierkoning.
  • The Brouerij 't IJ is a cool small batch organic brewery that is in windmill.
  • Biercafe Gollem on Raamsteeg was the coolest bar for all kinds of beers and there is a bottle shop across the street.
  • Check out one of the two Workcycles shops for awesome cargo bikes. Workcycles is run by Henry Culter, an American expat.
  • Macbike is a big bicycle rental company.
  • Have a look at all the bicycle parking around the station, including the floating bike parking on the riverside.
  • If you take one of the ferries out the back of the central station there is a cool space with these funky bars. I forget the details.
  • The flea markert at Waterloopplein is interesting.
  • Vondelpark is a nice place to relax.
  • The Rijksmuseum is sweet. Check out the bicycle paths that go under the museum.


  • Trappisten Lokaal 'T Klooster (my favorite bar in Delft)
  • Locus Pulibcus is my second favorite bar. Get a cheese plate and a Westveleteren 12.
  • Wolbodo is a eclectic student frat that serves cheap good meals most days. Lots on interesting people.
  • Be sure to visit Theo Jansen's straandbeesten workshop just outside Delft. He also is often on the beach at Scheveningen testing out his beach animals.
  • TU Delft is cool to visit, especially the industrial design department.
  • There is a bicycle repair shop staff by mentally disabled people that is cool...forget the name.
  • I always like visiting the graffiti underpass near the train station.

Den Haag

  • Water en Brood is a cool vegan restaurant. It was in the Piraat Bar squat.
  • My favorite food in all of Delft is from the New Mevya http://www.newmeyva.nl/. I would always get the vegetarian roti special. Super good.
  • If you are into weed, the best coffee house is Cremers on Prinsestraat.
  • Beer Transportfietsen is a great cargo bike shop.
  • The Mauritshuis is a great art museum that has Vemeer's and other good art.
  • Scheveningen beach is fun to visit, especially when the weather is good.


  • Artspace Rondeel is cool. They've got funky music bikes, among other things.
  • The Landbouwbelang is a super awesome giant factory squat on the river.


  • Very cool bicycle musuem that walks you through the history of the bicycle.


  • A friend Volkert has a farm with all kinds of cool kinetic art: http://www.kineticart.nl/
  • Look for Weegeefwinkels: free stores
  • De Fietsfabriek is a cool cargo bike company.
  • Many squats have restaurants.