Notebook Entry

Today's task list:

  • [x] Check on and pick up keys
  • [x] Figure out how vacation time is taken
  • [x] Meet with Tarun [GSoC]
  • [x] Install Matlab
  • [x] Test structural id code on new version Matlab
  • Run structural identifications for Dr. Hess
  • Finish computer purchase paperwork and send it in
  • Read and do exercises in Chapter of Professional Plone Development
  • Reply to Open Science email
  • Review the todo items on the Yeadon paper
  • Work on parsing the walking data
  • Do D-Flow/Cortex tutorial


I finally got my keys to the lab and break room!

Time accounting

With my position I don't have to report hours but I do have to go to CSU's mytime java app ( to report sick days and vacation days. These should be reported before the 2nd and 17th of each month.


I met with Tarun during my lunch hour. He is almost finished with the three link conical pendulum example animation. He's got the static visualization mostly working with correct translations and orientations. But the animation is not working. He is a little behind schedule for the Python code milestone, but I think he will be fine. If he can finish the example problem he will be in good shape to finish the tests for the his class designs and can then start implemented the code, which much of it will be transferring and cleaning the code he's written in the example problem. I'm going to take a look at his code to help find a bug that is preventing the animation from working. Once he get's that it is just some minor details to finish the example. He weekly report blog is here:

Install Matlab

I installed Matlab so that I can run the simulations and made sure my code works with the new 2013a version. Things seemed to work except my compare plots from the sys id toolbox didn't properly print to file.


What a non-productive day. I spent almost 4 hours fussing with setting up my computer from the wipe and talking with folks. I hope I can find some time to acutally do some research soon...