Notebook Entry

Today's task list:

  • [x] Call Alyssa from Matlab
  • [] Figure out what to do about the incorrect budget category for the computers
  • [] Make sure I'm using the correct data for the structural id
  • [~] Read and do exercises in Chapter 8 (Themeing) in the Plone book
  • [] Order Matlab
  • [] Work on parsing the walking data
  • [] Review the todo items on the Yeadon paper
  • [] Do D-Flow/Cortex tutorial (Due August 12)


Matlab has two academic licenses: group and concurrent. I was mistakenly calling the group license "academic" earlier. The group licenses register your computer's mac address on activation so running a dual boot machine with Matlab on both Windows and Linux will work because they will both have the same Mac address. But running in a virtual machine's OS could be problematic because the Virtual Machine generates a new mac address for each OS that is running. So if you activate Matlab on your real machine and then on the virtual machine you will have an issue unless you can make your virtual machine mac address the same as your real machine's mac address. Theoretically you can install Matlab on many virtual machines that have the same MAC addresses, but just not run the virtual machines at the same time on the same computer. I think this can be done.


Made it through most of the Chapter but then hit a bug. This could be related to the book being about Plone 4.1 and now Plone 4.3 has as a part of Plone. I'll have to come back to it.

Happy Hour

The lab mates and my day was less than productive. We ended with happy hour at Becky's.