Notebook Entry

Today's task list:

  • [x] Discuss copyright issues with BMD
  • [x] Install our production Plone site on the new AWS server
  • [x] Met with Tarun about GSoC
  • [] Work on parsing the walking data
  • [] Work on the website theme
  • [] Figure out what to do about the incorrect budget category for the computers
  • [] Review the TODO items on the Yeadon paper
  • [] Do D-Flow/Cortex tutorial (Due August 12)


I got the website running on the server today. Been taking detailed notes which will be pushed to a github repo soon.

I went with the option of installing Plone with the unified installer on the server and I plan to overwrite the default buildout config files with the ones I've been developing with Aspeli's book so that I have control over the details. But damn Plone is a hug nasty mess with so many freaking settings and options. I don't know how anyone keeps it all straight unless they do this every day of their lives. I hope it is all worth it. I really like using Plone and have good experiences in the past with it, but developing it is another story. Seems like you could write a Plone Clone® with a modern web app framework and drop all this old baggage. I assume it isn't an easy thing to do though since noone has done it.


Tarun's merged most of his Python code. He just needs a little more work on the Scene.display() method. He's also started on his Javascript API design and will be posting that soon. We also discussed the merits of using all or some of MGView as it is very similar to what we have in mind. Adam Leeper has been super helpful discussing his software and there may be room for some future collaboration, but we decided to push forward with rolling our own until we see how that collaboration may be forged. We also talked about adding a method to our Scene class that will output the MGView input files so we can just use MGView as is.