Notebook Entry

Today's task list:

  • [x] Do D-Flow/Cortex tutorial (Due August 12)
  • [x] Finish setting up the web site
  • [] Work on parsing the walking data
  • [] Work on the website theme
  • [] Figure out what to do about the incorrect budget category for the computers
  • [] Review the TODO items on the Yeadon paper

D-Flow Tutorial

  • Y (green arrow) points from the treadmill surface to the ceiling
  • X (red arrow) points to the right or left
  • Z (blue arrow) point forward and back

The default grid in the DRS screen is representative of 1 meter squares.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • a hides 3d axis in DRS Window
  • g hides the grid on the xz plane in DRS Window
  • F2 opens run time console

CSU Website

We got this message today:

In recent months, faculty and staff across the University have been working hard to prepare their respective web pages for transition to a new web design and content management system.

On Monday, August 12, CSU will launch its new home page. All Enrollment Services and Treasury Services web pages also will reflect the new look. The launch represents the first phase of the University’s plan to update the layout, install intuitive navigation and give faculty and staff the ability to manage their web content quickly and easily.

Other divisions, colleges, schools, and departments are currently “cleaning house” by auditing their current web content. They will decide what to delete, what to revise and what to transfer to the new site. Those pages will be transferred to the new layout in subsequent phases. Until then, they will retain the current look.

More information about the timing of future page transfers will be available after the first phase is complete.

We hope you like the new look!

Rob Spademan Bill Wilson AVP University Marketing & Admissions Chief Information Officer

This is awesome because the current website is very disfunctional and doesn't look good at all. I'm looking forward to what the new web site will look like.


Worked on getting Travis to test with Theano installed:


Updated an old PR:

Lab website and Plone

The site is live and I'm waiting on our subdomain from Need to do a little more admin work to make some settings and such. Config files and my installation notes are here: