Notebook Entry

  • [x] Get travis testing working on DynamicistToolKit. There are issues with the Cython version, numpy version to build pandas.
  • [x] Clean up and make a release of Dynamicist toolkit
  • [x] Try the HBM.exe file with Wine (it works).
  • [x] Send Alex Clark's quote through to CSU purchasing.
  • [x] Email Mounir about teaching reproducible scientific computing course.
  • [x] Make a Whipple ID paper presentation
  • [x] Make time series plot showing the model outputs compared to the measured
  • [x] Make a Rider Control ID poster
  • [x] Review Sachins PR 2478
  • [x] Convert pydy-code-gen to class structure

Installing BTK on Ubuntu 13.10

# documentation build dependencies
sudo aptitude install doxygen
# python wrapper dependencies
sudo aptitude install swig python-numpy
# octave wrapper dependencies
sudo aptitude install swig octave liboctave-dev
# mokka dependencies
sudo aptitude install libvtk5-dev libvtk5.8-qt4 libphonon-dev

git clone ~/src/BTKCore
git clone ~/Data/BTKData
cd ~/src/BTKCore
mkdir build
cd build
cmake \
   -DPYTHON_LIBRARY:CHAR=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ \
   -DPYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR:CHAR=/usr/include/python2.7 \
   -DQT_MOC_EXECUTABLE:PATH=/usr/bin/moc \
   -DQT_UIC_EXECUTABLE:PATH=/usr/bin/uic \
   -G "Unix Makefiles" ..