Notebook Entry

NCSRR 5 week plan.

NCSRR Biweekly Plan

Started on Monday July 14

Thursday Jul 17

  • Prepare and give kickoff talk
  • Setup latest Opensim/Simbody dev environment
  • Read some papers to get an idea of scale limits in NLP problems with IPOPT and/or SNOPT
  • Complete all the orientation stuff for Stanford
  • Complete initial test run of inverted pendulum on cart problem with 10,000 nodes in IPOPT
  • Talk with Jack Wang about using his existing code (if I can use the code, below plans may be altered)
  • Discuss direct collocation vs shooting with Ton and others

Monday Jul 21

  • Test the limits of scaling in the inverted pendulum code, make computational speed improvements.
  • Build (or obtain) a basic torque driven 9/10 DoF model in Opensim

Thursday Jul 24

  • Implement gain scheduled black box control structure for the planar walking model in Opensim

Monday Jul 28

  • Start development of direct collocation code in C++ (port stuff from my current Python code) using numerical functionality from Simbody

Thursday Jul 31

  • Complete initial direct collocation implementation

Monday Aug 4

  • Iterate on direct collocation solutions: testing initial guesses, minimal data sets, # discretization nodes, improve computational speed, etc.
  • Implement IPOPT + paradiso on an AWS instance

Thursday Aug 7

  • Either polish things that work or fix things that don't.

Monday Aug 11

  • Either polish things more that work or fix things that don't.

Thursday Aug 14

  • Prepare and present results and findings