Notebook Entry

AOI for July 25 to July 30


  • The n-link inverted pendulum on a cart system id with direct collocation now works. Preliminary tests show that up to 24 gains on a 3 link pendulum can be identified from noisy data using 50-100 hz discretization sampling and up to 10000 collocation nodes.
  • Further developed an opensim planar walking model to match my custom walking model.
  • Mentored GSoC students: reviewed PRs and IRC/email discussions.
  • Started the implementation of a System class in PyDy with Chris.
  • Worked on planning for a Software Carpentry Bootcamp in Cleveland.
  • Dealt with migration of a Plone lab website at UC Davis.
  • Finished PLoS One review.
  • Learned how to use starcluster.


  • Run extensive tests on the inverted pendulum system id system and summarize the method's abilities to identify the controller for a variety of # of degrees of freedom, initial guesses, measurement noise, discretization intervals and simulation durations. The idea is to make sure that the scale of the gait control id problem can be solved.
  • Figure out how to get Pardiso compiled with IPOPT.
  • Discuss direct collocation implementation in Opensim with Ajay and start writing and porting code to C++.
  • Read and understand Jack and Tim's code base.
  • Design gain scheduled feedback controller in Opensim to match our direct ID control model.
  • Work on research statement for prof applications.


  • Took longer than expected to get the direct collocation system id problem working.
  • Got sunburned in the Mokelumne Wilderness.