Notebook Entry

AIOI for August 18th, 2014

Last week's accomplishments

  • Starting fresh

Last week's issues

  • Starting fresh

This week's objectives

  • Finish NCSRR blog post (Monday)
  • Submit GSoC student review (Monday)
  • Email GSoC mentors about submitting review (Monday)
  • Meet with David Pendleton and Taylor Barto about IEEE hack nights (Tuesday @ 5:30)
  • Setup offline backups for the HMC website.
  • Review Sachin's documentation PR.
  • Review Jim's autowrap PR.
  • Implement a tight matrix eval broadcasted loop to speed up the inverted pendulum direct collocation.
  • Run more example optimizations on the inverted pendulum (after speed up is implemented).
  • Send Mont rough draft of Yeadon software paper (due Saturday Aug 23)
  • Write outline and introduction for perturbed walking data paper.
  • Go through the next two chapters in Accelerated C++.