Notebook Entry

AIO for October 29, 2014

Last week's accomplishments

  • [7 hr, Done 7 hr] CSU Open Access Symposia
    • Met some cool folks from the CSU library, U of Toledo, and Emory University. Nice symposia.
  • [Done] Go on a bicycle ride through Phnom Phen.


  • Ate a meal of bugs.
  • Biked around Angkor Wat/Thom.

Eating a tarantula:

Biking through the east gate of Angkor Thom:

Last week's issues

Not done:

  • [2 hr] Draft consulting agreement and send to Ton.

I worked on this a bit on the flight, but still need to do more.

  • [5 hr] Go over Mont's commments on the steer torque paper and fix them.
  • [2 hr] Use seaborn to improve the matplotlib histogram plots in the steer torque paper.

This week's objectives

  • beach