Notebook Entry

AIO for November 25, 2014

Last week's accomplishments


Inverted Pendulum Paper

  • [6 hr, Started 2.8 hr] Figure out why convergence is poor for the human parameter set. I read a bunch about scaling. Bett's has the best practical explanation suggestions I could find. This may be the issue.

Perturbed Walking Data Paper

  • [0.5 hr, Done 1 hr] Fix the stride/step/gait cycle terminology.
  • [3 hr, Done 3 hr] Create light box plots instead of the histograms.
  • [3 hr, Started 2 hr] Read through and prepare the first draft. Identified all the remaining tasks to get ready for submission.


  • [2 hr, Done 1.3 hr] Write up consulting proposal and budget. Sent to Ton for review and discussed it with him.


  • [2.2 hr] Dealt with some media inquiries about the Congressional House Science committee's investigation into the NSF's spending.
  • [1.4 hr] Some SymPy development: code review, discussion, etc.
  • [1 hr] Sorted out my vacation hours and other HR stuff for my departure.

Last week's issues

I think I have a bit of senioritis which is causing low motivation and I took off part of two days, so I didn't get everything done I wanted to.

Inverted Pendulum Paper

  • [3 hr] Setup the direct id approach for the Park model.
  • [5 hr] Setup the shooting approach for the Park model.

Perturbed Walking Data Paper

  • [0.5 hr] Make an appendix with the long tables and other crud.
  • [3 hr] Finalize the data set and upload to Zenodo.

Steer Torque Paper

  • [8 hr] Work on revision, fixing issues reported by Mont.

This week's objectives

There are 3 work days this week due to Thanksgiving.

Inverted Pendulum Paper

  • [6 hr] Try out scaling methods and see if convergence improves.

Perturbed Data Paper

Gait Control Identification

  • [5 hr] Do some thinking and reasoning about the potential discontinuities in the scheduled gain controller.