Notebook Entry

AIO for December 16, 2014

Last week's accomplishments


  • [3 hr, Done 0.5 hr] Fill out termination forms and do whatever I need to do to end my position.
  • [1 hr, Done] Check in with Ton about contract and get that finished up.
  • [1 hr, Done] Clear out books in office to pack this weekend.

Perturbed Data Paper

The preprint is now available on PeerJ:

We have some minor issues left to fix:

  • [18 hr, Done 32 hr] Continue knocking off issues and submit for review.

Inverted Pendulum Paper

  • [5 hr, Done 2 hr] Write code for the direct identification.


  • Final meeting with Ton
  • Reviewed a Simbody PR
  • Read the Stanford NMBL validation paper
  • Watched a video on plugin developement

Last week's issues

The main issue is that I spent the far majority of my time last week finishing the first draft of the perturbed data paper. So these other things were neglected:


  • [2 hr] Finish bicycle paper review for VSD.

Inverted Pendulum Paper

  • [5 hr, Started] Write code for the shooting indirect identification.

Gait Control Identification

  • [5 hr] Do some thinking and reasoning about the potential discontinuities in the scheduled gain controller.

This week's objectives


  • [0.5 hr] Turn in keys on Friday and get signature.
  • [0.5 hr] Get signature from the cashier's office last on Friday.
  • [0.5 hr] Turn in paperwork to HR.


  • [2 hr] Finish VSD bicycle tire paper review.
  • [3 hr] Review the biomechanics paper.
  • [1 hr] Check in with Ton about the contract and get it finalized.

Perturbed Data Paper

  • [1 hr] Update the gait data on the NAS.
  • [5 hr] Work on any reported issues.
  • [1 hr] Submit to PeerJ for peer review by Friday.
  • [1 hr] Create a web page on the hmc site for the paper.

Quiet Standing Identification Paper

  • [5 hr] Develop the shooting code.
  • [10 hr] Develop an interface and the scripts to create the necessary figures.