Notebook Entry

AIO for February 24, 2015

Last week's accomplishments

Yeadon Paper

  • [5 hr, Done 2.6 hr] Fix as many issues as I can and prod others to do so. Our self-imposed deadline is the 23rd for the revision.

Perturbed Data Paper

Quiet Standing Identification Paper

Software Carpentry

  • [26 hr] Prepared for and co-taught my first Software Carpentry two day workshop at UC Irvine to ~50 grad students and post docs. It went very well and we received a lot of positive feedback. FYI: The city of Irvine and Orange County lived up to their reputations. I'd highly recommend avoiding the place at all costs. But the UC campus was pretty nice and the students were cool, they shouldn't be blamed. The only other positive was finding the Persian section of town with authentic food and groceries.

Last week's issues

I've gotten little to no feedback on the perturbed data paper and the direct collocation parameter id paper from Ton and Sandy over the last months. I would like some responses to my emails and Github issues or either clarification on if, what, and how they all plan to contribute further. (Ton and Sandy, sorry to write that in third person but please let me know what's up.).

Also, I spent too much time with Software Carpentry stuff and didn't get as much research done as planned.

These were half finished or not finished:

Quiet Standing Identification Paper

  • [5 hr, 0.2 hr] Finish computation speed results.
  • [5 hr, 2.2 hr] Try a set of initial conditions with each method and compare which ones converge and which don't.
  • [10 hr, 5 hr] Get some draft text down for each section in the paper to work from. First draft deadline is end of February.

Gait Control Direct ID Paper

  • [5 hr] Draft up an introduction.

This week's objectives

Yeadon Paper

  • [5 hr] Finish and submit the second revision by March 1.

Perturbed Data Paper

  • [5 hr] Fix as many issues as possible in the alloted time. (20 days left till due date).
  • [15 min] Respond to PeerJ about my concerns with the reviewers.

Quiet Standing Identification Paper

  • [20 hr] Finish first draft by February 28.

Job Search

  • [5 hr] Finish teaching statement draft and ask for reviews from Rebecca, Sarah, and Cass.
  • [2 hr] Make a new CV version that focuses on teaching and service.
  • [1 hr] Request reference letters for lecturer position.
  • [1 hr] Second interview with robot/machine learning company.
  • [0.5 hr] Respond to Sherm and setup a day to do the coding test for the Opensim job.
  • [2.5 hr] Meet with Prof. Kong at UCD about post doc.