Notebook Entry

AIO for April 27, 2015

This is for the last two weeks since I skipped last week's AIO.

Last week's accomplishments

Gait Control Direct ID Paper

  • [3 hr, Done] Regenerate all of the identification results for artificial data.
  • [3 hr, Done 3.2 hr] Get all notebooks working with new code.
  • [5 hr, Done 4.1 hr] Generate the results plots.
  • [5.1 hr] Worked on intro and results writing.

Biosport Lab

  • [5 hr, Done 6.6 hr] Get website back online.

Ag Shiny App

  • [2 hr, Done 1 hr] Meet with Lauren.


  • Decide on summer conferences: ISCSB or SciPy?

Done we got selected for a SciPy tutorial and I'll go to that conference. I will prepare a talk for Ton to give for ISCSB.

Perturbed Data Paper

  • [Done 3.9 hr] Reviewed the proof.
  • [Done 0.3 hr] Worked on timestamp issues.

Software Development

  • [Done 2.6 hr] SymPy: Submitted PR for lambdify numexpr bug.
  • [Done 0.4 hr] PyDy: Reviewed PR.

Job Search

  • [Done 2.2 hr] UCD Lecturer interview and follow up.

Bicycle ID Paper

  • [Done 1.4 hr] Started working on bicycle identification with direct collocation.

Human Motion and Control Lab

  • [Done 1.1 hr] Reviewed contract.

EPak AIP Project

  • [Done 2.2 hr] Developed contract.

Missed goals from last week

  • [0.5 hr] Post blog post on SciPy submissions.
  • [1 hr] Post blog post on fast interpolation.

Last week's issues

Gait Control Direct ID Paper

I don't have a robust way to compute all of the artificial data results because of a small bug related to how I maximize the number of samples for a single gait cycle.

This week's objectives

Gait Control Direct ID Paper

  • [5 hr] Finish all plots for each of the results sections.
  • [5 hr] Flesh out all of the first draft text.
  • [2 hr] Writeup the concerns as issues on github and ask Ton for feedback.

EPak AIP Project

  • [1.5 hr] Review the contract and sign up.


  • [2 hr] Help initiate Sahil's work. Get the lead mentor setup and whatever info is needed.
  • [1 hr] Review Tarun's fix to the visualizer.
  • [1 hr] Prepare some goals for the SciPy tutorial.

Human Motion and Control Lab

  • [1.0 hr] Email Ton to get the contract finished up.


  • [2 hr] Submit class outlines to Eric.

Job Search

  • [5 hr] Apply for BIDS post doc.

Attention + Control Project

  • [4 hr] Draft more on the grant.
  • [1 hr] Figure out if I will actually be guaranteed a position.
  • [0.5 hr] Write out a plan of action to Zhoadan in an email.