Notebook Entry

AIO for July 1, 2015

Last week's accomplishments


  • [2 hr, Done] Change the notebook to use the System class so we can rerun simulations.
  • [2 hr, Done] Close remaining issues in the tutorial
  • [1 hr, Done] Update tutorial to work with Python 3
  • [1 hr, Done] Confer with Jim
  • [1 hr, Done] Send in stuff to SciPy.


  • [8 hr, Done 12 hr] Finish the analytic cost function implementation.
  • [2 hr, Done 3.9 hr] Update the examples to use the analytic cost function.


  • [2 hr, Done 0.5 hr] Draft outline of the slides.
  • [1 hr, Done 1.4 hr] Send outline to Ton with questions about what needs to be in the talk.
  • [6 hr, Done 5.1 hr] Get presentation draft done and send to Ton.

Bicycle Research

  • [1 hr, Done 0.6 hr] Reply to Neils Lommers about bicycle data collection.

Extra Accomplishments

No extras

Missed goals from last week

EPak AIP Project

  • [2 hr] Fix some small issues.
  • [6 hr] Work on one of the main tasks.


  • [1 hr] Find a car control problem suitable for a notebook.
  • [0.5 hr] Send in bill for first notebook.
  • [2 hr] Draft up Bode and root locus plot functions.


  • [2 hr] Clean up the repo to make it closer to release quality.


  • [2 hr] Review Ton's proof that the ID works.

Last week's issues

Not working enough hours...

This week's objectives


  • [8 hr] Make the presentation (expand the TGCS one) [pres is on Wed July 8]
  • [1 hr] Pack some stuff
  • [2 hr] Hangout with Jim to discuss the tutorial
  • [1 hr] Review the tutorial material


  • [5 hr] Finish up the presentation and send to Ton
  • [5 hr] Finalize the presentation with Ton's feedback
  • [9 hr] Prepare trajectory optimization demo: double pendulum swing up
  • [8 hr] Prepare parameter identification demo: bicycle?


  • [3 hr] Try out some SymPy stuff to compute the correct gradients of the objective.

UCD Lecture Job

  • [1 hr] Prepare questions for chair.
  • [2 hr] Meet with Chair.


  • [2 hr] Meet with Sahil and Tarun
  • [0.5 hr] Fill out midterm eval for Sahil