Notebook Entry

AIO for September 14, 2015

Last week's accomplishments


  • [Done] RSVP for new faculty mixer.
  • [Done] RSVP for new faculty reception.

EME 150A

  • [Done] Get access to the solution manual
  • [Done] Develop idea for project one and create materials
  • [Done] Refine the syllabus
  • [Done] Refine the lecture schedule
  • [Done] Introduce myself to TA

Extra Accomplishments

Olin Vist

  • Booked rooms

Missed goals from last week


Last week's issues


This week's objectives

Olin Visit

  • Figure out transportation
  • Pack bags
  • Prep both computers
  • Test demos
  • Get digital camera


  • Order a computer, docking station, monitors, keyboard, mouse, Wacom tablet, and backup drive.

EME 150A

  • Create first lecture study sheets
  • Plan out discussion activities
  • Get listed in Banner and Smartsite access
  • Develop idea for project two and create initial materials
  • Test out SymPy/Jupyter for various problems and see if it should be taught
  • Decide on Sagemathcloud subscription
  • Develop initial survey
  • Develop first class activity
  • Develop a prerequisite quiz
  • Flesh out budget more
  • Refine project one
  • Review the FEA stuff Matt provided
  • Setup CATME and send survey to students