Bauer Compressors


CAD modeling and machine design internship at Bauer Compressors in Norfolk, VA.

I worked at Bauer Compressors in Norfolk, Virginia as an intern for the good part of a year. I mostly spent my time creating solid models of existing parts with Autodesk Inventor. At first, I drew hundreds of compressor hose fittings, but eventually modeled several full sized compressors to help build the company's common CAD parts database. After modeling all these things, I got to do some design work making mounting brackets, resizing air tank storage containers, and developing a passive oil/air separator. I unfortunately lost the screenshots of all of my material from Bauer except these two images of the first compressor that I modeled. John Dwyer was my immediate supervisor and can vouch for my work there.

  • Extensive 3D modeling with Autodesk Inventor: modeled complex air compressor systems.
  • Sheet metal design and fabrication.
  • V-belt drive designs.
  • Oil filtration system design.
  • Air tank storage redesign.
  • Designed parts and prepared drawings for fabrication.