Motion Analysis of a Bicyclist

We measured the kinematics of a bicycle and rider during typical riding maneuvers on a treadmill using motion capture technologies. Our main findings came from analyzing the data using principal component analysis to characterize the dominant motions in control.


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Motion capture data from three subjects performing a variety of maneuvers and different speeds can be downloaded from Figshare.

Moore, Jason; Kooijman, J. D. G.; Schwab, A. L. (2014): Motion Capture of Bicycling on a Treadmill. figshare.


The software used to process the data for the publications can be found here:

It includes Matlab and Python analysis scripts and an interactive Matlab GUI.


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This video shows an animation of the markers while one subject rides without their hands on the handlebars.

This is a video of a run.

This is a video of a Dutch television show that did a piece on the work: