I am an Assistant Professor of BioMechanical Engineering at TU Delft where I focus on instruction in a number of courses, curriculum design and improvement, accreditation assessment, and innovation in engineering education. Below you will find various links to my teaching related activities including my teaching philosophy and materials for the courses I teach and have taught.

Teaching Statements

I have written various teaching statements over the years for job applications, here are several of them:


I begin working on an interactive book for my upper level vibrations course [Moore2017] but it likely remains indefinitely in draft form due to moving institutions and not teaching the course anymore. In 2018, we developed a guide to teaching and learning with Jupyter [Barba2018] which also remains mostly as a first draft. In 2022, I wrote an interactive book for use in my TU Delft Multibody Dynamics course [Moore2022] and updated it significantly in 2023. It is in a complete and usable state but still needs some split and polish to call it done.

[Moore2017]Jason K. Moore and Kenneth Lyons. Resonance: Learning Mechanical Vibration Enginering Through Computation. Dec. 2017. https://moorepants.github.io/resonance/.
[Barba2018]Lorena A. Barba et al. Teaching and Learning with Jupyter. Nov. 2018. https://jupyter4edu.github.io/jupyter-edu-book/.
[Moore2022]Jason K. Moore. Learn Multibody Dynamics. Aug. 2022. https://moorepants.github.io/learn-multibody-dynamics/


I maintain public websites for each of my courses and post as much of my teaching and learning materials as possible under permissible open access friendly licenses, e.g. CC-BY and CC0.

Delft University of Technology

University of California, Davis

The UC Davis courses were given on a Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall quarter system for any given year.

Workshops, Tutorials, & Short Courses


  • Squiggly Bicycle Routes: Physics Based Design Evaluation, COSMOS 2019, Davis, CA, USA
  • Eight Ways to Use Computation to Teach Everything Else (with Allen Downey), KEEN National Conference 2019, Dallas, TX, USA, January 5, 2019


  • Squiggly Bicycle Routes: Physics Based Design Evaluation, COSMOS 2018, Davis, CA, USA


  • Computational Thinking in the Engineering Curriculum (with Allen Downey), UCD CEE and DSI, Davis, CA, USA, January 10, 2017, https://youtu.be/lfRVRqdYdjM (105 views)
  • Automatic Code Generation with SymPy, SCIPY 2017, Austin, Texas, USA, July 10, 2017, https://youtu.be/5jzIVp6bTy0 (6,186 views)
  • Software Carpentry Workshop (with Jamie Ashander), Delta Stewardship Council Sacramento, California, USA, May 18-19, 2017


  • Software Carpentry Workshop (with Michael Levy), UCD Center for Education Excellence Davis, California, USA, August 25, 2016
  • Software Carpentry Workshop, iHub Nairobi, Kenya June 17-18, 2016
  • Simulating Robot, Vehicle, Spacecraft, and Animal Motion, SCIPY 2016, Austin, Texas, USA, July 14, 2016, https://youtu.be/r4piIKV4sDw (8,059 views)


  • Software Carpentry Workshop (with Andreas Zonca), UCI Data Science Initiative Irvine, California, USA February 21-22, 2015
  • Multibody Dynamics and Control with Python, SCIPY 2015, Austin, Texas, USA, July 18, 2015, https://youtu.be/mdo2NYtA-xY (6,318 views)


  • Introduction to Git and Python, Cleveland State University IEEE Club, 2014
  • Multibody Dynamics and Control with Python, SCIPY 2014, Austin, Texas, USA, July 6, 2014, (3,057 views)
  • Dynamics and Control with Python, PYCON 2014, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 9, 2014, https://youtu.be/IoMR-ESzqw8 (2,841 views)
  • Simulation and Control of Biomechanical Systems with Python, MASB 2014, Akron, Ohio, USA, March 9, 2014