ENG 004 Lecture 17, Nov 27, 2012



Section Views

Section Views

Section Views

Cutting Plane Lines

Cutting Plane Lines

Hatch Styles

Full Section View

Full Section View Process

Hidden Lines


Multiple Sections

Half Section

Used to show features of 1/2 the part (usually these parts have circular symmetry)

Offset Section

Used to include features not found on a single plane but on parallel planes.

Broken Views

Shows only a small portion of the part's interior

Conventional Breaks

Conventional Break Symbols

Revolved View

Show the internal features of a part in one of the standard views.

Removed View

Shows internal features along the length of a part

Multiple Removed Views

Aligned Views

Used to show features not on a single cutting plane, nor parallel cutting planes, but on cutting planes that intersect through a single axis

Ribs, Webs, Lugs, Flanges


Aligned Lugs

Aligned Ribs

Aligned Spokes

Alternate Web Section

Sectioned Assemblies

Standard Parts

Thin Parts

Section Example