My name is Jason Moore and I am currently a graduate student at the University of California, Davis pursuing a PhD Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am working with Dr. Mont Hubbard in the Sports Biomechanics Lab and am studying bicycle handling. I plan to use this site mainly as an organizational tool for my research but I will probably add some other things that interest me along the way. The random pictures under the menu are some of the things that I have been lucky enough to see while making my way through life.


An orderly collection of the things that I have done in life that may be of relevance to people who want to know what my skills are.


Here are details about what I am researching. It currently focuses on my research for my master's thesis at the University of California, Davis.

Design Portfolio

Portfolio of all of my machine designs.


Moorebicycles blog about bicycles in the Netherlands and Europe.


My various interests outside of school.

Contact me

Here are some ways to contact me through mail, phone and email.

News and Updates

1/8 - Pedal desk design details posted.

12/28 - Updated several pages.

12/29 - Pedal Desk page added

11/18 - Resume, interests, and research pages updated. Appropriate Technology section added.

4/10 - ART Meeting Minutes

4/8 - Human Powered Machines ART page

2/7 - Timeline and Resume update

12/14 - More updates to various pages

12/13 - Detailed scope and timeline posted and various updates

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