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I didn't see much of the world until I had my first airplane flight at the age of 20. After that I have explored as much as life allows and have been to India, Zambia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and all over the United States. I have written a travel blog during some of my travels and made at leat one silly video.


I became a vegetarian at age 20. Before that I ate a tradtional southern diet, heavy on the butter and heavy on the meat. Ethical, environmental and health reasons drive my desire to not eat meat. Since becoming vegetarian I have been exposed to so much amazing food. It has forced me to become a decent cook and I very much enjoy rustling up some good grub. I regularly cook meals at N Street Co-Housing for our community of 60+ people and at my cooperative household, the Butter Pat.


I skateboarded regularly from age 13 to 22. I still jump on the board now and then to skate miniramps and bowls. These are my proudest two pictures, one typically goofy one and one where I managed to not look so goofy:


Bicycle Repair

I enjoy maintaining my fleet of bicycles and repairing bicycles that I find in the trash. I am also a minister at the Davis Bike Church, a local bicycle collective. I volunteer several hours a week and help community members learn how to repair their bicycles.

Bicycle Touring

Traveling by bicycle is a fantastic way to see the world. I have done several small trips and have dreams of long term travel by bike. If I ever can find time I plan to hand build a touring bike that can be broken down to fit in a large suitcase. Then I will be able to travel with my bicycle very easily.

Northern California Spring Break Tour 2007: I traveled about 250+ miles with three of my good friends, Jonathan, Dave, and Arlen, over five days. The route was: Davis, Winters, Lake Berryssa, St. Helena, Santa Rosa, Sebastapool, Occidental, Bodega Bay, Bolinas, San Francisco, Concord, Martinez, Port Costa, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Winters, Davis

Northern California Thanksgiving Break Tour 2007: My roommate Luke and my neighbor Mike set off for a 250+ mile tour of the coast between Point Reyes and Santa Cruz. We started Wednesday November 21st and returned Sunday November 25th.

Dumpster Diving

Americans are extremely wasteful. So many useful items end up in the trash and are sent off to fill up the landfills. I try to lead a simple lifestyle and dumpster diving can save much money, especially on food. Taken to an extreme one can live off of dumpster diving and never have to spend a dime. I go on regular dumpster dives and keep my food bill as low as possible, thanks to the support of the wasteful food industry. A friend of mine made a nice documentary on the subject that I was lucky enough to appear in.

Taking pictures

I wouldn't call myselft a photographer by any means, but I do occasionally post photos that I take on my picasa photo page.