Due October 16 at beginning of lecture.

Grading: 10 points total

Problem 2.1 (2 points)

Make contour, upside-down, and regular sketches of a common device, such as a as a telephone, automobile, computer mouse, or coffee cup.

Problem 2.5 (2 points)

Use upside-down sketching to create the chair shown in Figure 2.37.

Problem 2.8 (3 points)

Use contour sketching to create the optical illusions shown in Figure 2.40.

Make complete sketches of each.


Free Body Diagram (3 points)

Make a freehand sketch of free body diagram below which shows forces acting on a simplified bicycle. Be aware of proportions and line types. Make your lettering neat and consistent (lettering tips). Make use of light construction lines to layout the drawing.


Sketching Assignment

Sketch and leave in your sketchbook the exterior of a building. Use one point, two point, or three point perspective. Check out the resources page for some video tutorials on perspective. (Your TA will check this at a future date and the grade will be part of your studio grade.)