Sample Final Questions

The final will be Friday December 14 @ 8:00 AM. It will be administered in two classrooms. You will be assigned a room based on the first letter of your last name:

A-L : Wellman 6
M-Z : Wellman 216

[Sample Final Problems]

Midterm Sample Questions

The midterm will be Thursday November 1 @ 12:10 PM in Young 198.

[Sample Problems]

UCD 3D Modeling Club

If you enjoy solid modeling and drafting, check out the 3DMD: UC Davis 3-D Modeling and Design Club

The 3D modeling club here at Davis is going to offer extra office hours to help you with the Inventor software. Students will be available to answer your questions during the office hours.

3DMD Inventor Office Hours:

Wednesday 5-6 pm
Thursday 6-7 pm
Room Academic Surge 1044

Club Info:

3-D Modeling and Design (3DMD) is a UC Davis student club that seeks to teach students design software, promote design, and connect students with Industry who are involved with CAD software. Our club is most commonly known for hosting free weekly office hours and monthly workshops on campus to teach Inventor and other related Autodesk software to students. The club is sponsored by Autodesk, which essentially means free swag and pizza at major events. Occasionally, we also have Autodesk employees come to give presentations and workshops.

Students can also email the club with project questions or even general CAD software questions ( To hear about all our events, students are strongly encouraged to send us an email with their name to be added to our email list, or to like us on Facebook


The text book website provides an online learning center with extra materials, quizzes, and information.

Taking Notes

It is important to develop good note taking skills. Review these tips taken from the Dartmouth College Academic Skills center and peruse their informative website on the topic.

Drawing Tutorials

Searching YouTube for any of the drawing techniques will bring up many tutorials on the topic. For example:

Zip Files

Zip files can contain many other files and folders. The files inside a zip file are also compressed to reduce overall size. If you have to turn in more than one file for your homework you must zip them into a single file first. Most operating systems have the ability to create zip files. Here are some example instructions:

If these instructions aren't applicable to your operating system then search the web for instructions or download a program such as 7zip.

Grid Paper

Gridded paper is very useful for making neat sketches and drawings. You can download a rectangular grid and isometric grid from this website or you can print your own from

CAD Software

There are many CAD software packages for mechanical solid modeling. Wikipedia has a nice article explaining computer aided design and its history. Most packages have very similar features, but may have slightly different implementations. I'll mention a few here, see the list on Wikipedia for a complete overview. The traditional proprietary, popular, and expensive options are:

There are a few open source options available, although they are not as feature rich as many of the proprietary packages.

Probably the most feature rich open source 3D solid modeling package.
A military developed 3D solid modeling package.
2D CAD package.
Generates 3D solid models programmically.

There is also a class of 3D modeling software that is used primarily by artists and animators. These have some limitations for mechanical design and fabrication but many are useful for engineering needs.

A 3D modeling package that is free to download. Many people make use of it for rapid prototyping and 3D printing.
A web browser based 3D CAD program focused around 3D printing.
Autodesk 123D
Autodesk's simple 3D CAD program that can be used to create objects for 3D printing. Print at home or have them print for you.
A free and open source 3D modeling, animation, and rendering package. There is a module for engineering style CAD in the works.

Free Models and Content