The midterm will be about 65-75% graphics problems and 25-35% short answer, multiple choice, true/false, matching, and/or definitions. You should have read Chapters 1-5. The concepts emphasized in class and studio will be the primary material covered, but all of the concepts from the text may also be tested. Be sure to review the lecture material, your notes, studio material, and all assignments. You should especially be comfortable drawing isometric drawings from multiview and vice versa. The following are representative graphics problems. Click the image for the solution.

Select Correct Isometric View

For the multi-view projections shown in each lettered cell shown below (a)-(e), select the correct corresponding isometric view in the row.


Missing Lines

Add any missing lines to the multiview drawing.


Multiview Drawing

Given the isometric shown below, draw carefully by freehand the three primary third-angle projections of the object using a grid. Be sure to darken your lines.


Isometric Drawing

Given the three multi-views of an object, draw an isometric of the object. Be sure to darken you lines. (Hidden lines need not be shown.)


Problem 5.120 (20)

This is the solution to the oblique line projection for problem 5.120 (20) showing how constructions lines and the miter line are used to create the top view.