All of the classes assignments and due dates will be listed here. Please submit them through smartsite Assignments tab. There are several types of assignments:

In Class Assignments
There will be short quizzes, group activities, and such assigned during the lecture in which you will turn in by the end of the lecture.
Lecture Homework
Homework is assigned weekly and is typically a combination of problems from the book and custom problems. These are are always due in one week at the beginning of class.
Studio Assignments
These assignments are given during the studio sessions and are typically due by the end of the studio.
Studio Homework
The teaching assistants may periodically assign homeworks for the studio sessions.
Studio Project
There will be one final group modeling and design project due the day of the final.


All assignments will be posted to the "Assignments" section on smartsite and will allow for at least partial digital submission. All paper submissions are due at the beginning of class on the due date. Papers must be stapled. All digital submissions are due to smartsite before class on the due date.

All hand drawn sketches must be submitted on paper in class. This must be the original drawing (or a photocopy if you don't want to remove it from your sketchbook). Do not scan or photograph these and submit them digitally. If you do, only the paper submission will actually be graded. Unless otherwise stated, sketches and drawings may be done in your sketchbook, but you must submit a copy of them from your sketchbook with your homework. Do not use a computer to generate your drawings unless specified. You must include your name, the date, your studio section (A01, A02, A03, or A04), and the homework number on all paper submissions.

All other materials can be submitted digitally by adding them to a single zip file[1] and attaching it to the assignment via smartsite. Contents of the zip file and their file formats can include:

  • Written assignments: essays, reports, etc (.pdf)
  • Inkscape output files (.svg, .png)
  • Inventor output files (.ipt, .iam, .idw, .ipn, .pdf, .png)

All written assignments must be typewritten or computer generated. Written assignments such as essays and reports must be submitted as a single pdf document for each assignment. No word processing files are permitted (.doc, .docx, .odt); export to pdf if you are unsure. These should be formatted as a professional quality report or paper (i.e. embeded graphics, title, author, date information, nice formatting, readable/standard fonts, etc). The front page of all pdf documents should include your name, the date, your studio section (A01, A02, A03, or A04), and the homework number. The textbox in the smartsite assignment is only for notes to the instructor and/or TAs. Do not type your essays or written work in the textbox, these should only be submitted in a pdf.

Inkscape results should be both a .svg (save/save as) and a .png file (export bitmap). If you use Inkscape to create the graphics for your report or other written assignment you must embedded the graphic into the pdf file.

Inventor files must be in a self-contained folder within the single zip file. The easiest way to guarantee that all your inventor files for a single project are there is to use the Pack and Go option. Follow the Pack and Go tutorial do this. You can export your .idw and .ipn files as pdf documents and also export screenshots of your models to .png format for inclusion into reports.

If you are able to submit all of your assignments digitally (sketches and in-class assignments excluded) and your grade is borderline at the end of the quarter I will bump it higher at my discretion.

You will lose points if you do not follow these submission rules.

Lecture Homeworks

All numbered problems are from Bertoline et. al, 6th Edition. Italicized text indicates a modified problem statement.


[1]Zip file creation instructions