Due October 23 at beginning of lecture.

Grading: 10 points total

Problem 5.1 (2.5 points)

(Figure 5.118) Draw or sketch the front, top, and right side views of the object shown in the pictorial. Number each visible surface in each of the multiviews to correspond to the numbers given in the pictorial view.

Use the `rectangular grid paper`_ to draw the views. You will have to either scale your drawing such that two grid units in the iso drawing equal one unit on the rectangular grid or increase the density of your grid by using a grid with lines spaced at half the width.


Multiview Drawing (2.5 points)

For the figure shown below, use the rectangular grid to draw a multiview drawing of the item.


Isometric Drawings (5 points)

For the figures shown below, use the isometric and rectangular grids to draw the isometrics for the items and (a) draw the missing third view and (b) draw any missing lines.


a: Draw the missing third view and the isometric view.


b: Draw any missing lines and the isometric view.

Sketching Assignment

The UCD campus has many outdoor sculptures around. Sketch at least one of these sculptures. Your TA will check this at a future date and the grade will be part of your studio sketchbook grade.